Do Late Last Night provide their own lighting and PA system? 
Yes, we are fully equipped with PA system and lighting to create the perfect atmosphere at your event. 

Do Late Last Night have Public Liability Insurance? 
All members of the band and additional musicians are fully covered with up to £5,000,000 of Public Liability Insurance cover. 

Is all Late Last Night's equipment PAT tested? 
Yes, all of the band's equipment is PAT tested annually. Certificates can be emailed directly to your venue or the band can bring these on the day of your event. 

Will we receive a contract between 'Late Last Night' and client? 
Yes, you will receive a contract confirming your booking in which all the terms and conditions of service are explained. 

How do we book and confirm you for our event? 
We ask for a £200 reservation fee to take your date off the market. This fee is to compensate us if you back out of the the agreement. This is non refundable but is deductible from you package fee. Once this is paid and a signed contract is returned to us the date is yours.

Do Late Last Night provide music in their breaks? 
Yes, we are able to supply background music through our PA system at the beginning and during your event. We have playlists tailored to different events, or we can play your song playlists through our PA system. If you chose to book an outside DJ or provide your own playlists, then we deduct £100 off your fee.

How long do Late Last Night play for? 
We have various packages that we offer. Our most common booking is for 2 x 45 minutes sets. 

Can Late Last Night learn and perform first dances/favourite songs? 
Yes, Late Last Night pride themselves on offering a service whereby all first dances are learnt and performed as standard for any wedding event. We can learn whatever version you send us or even do a rearrangement in a style you want. 

What do Late Last Night need from the client/venue to perform? 
We need a space to perform, access to main electricity and parking access. We would usually recommend a space of 4m (width) x 3m (depth) to set up. If you have any concern that the space available at your venue is smaller than our recommendation please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Access to mains electricity (7Kw/8.75Kva is standard for a band), and reasonable parking access to the venue to load our equipment in. We politely ask if we are required at an event for longer than 3 hours that we have access to the catering is provided. We always let your guests access catering first.

I don't know what line up or song choices are best for my event? 
No problem, we have played to many different audiences at many different events. We can provide a consultation service in order to best advise you on how to proceed with your booking or you can just leave it to us to choose the appropriate songs from our extensive repertoire. 

Why are there no prices on your website? 
You can find them in the EVENT PACKAGES page.

Can I see Late Last Night perform live before I book? 
We regularly perform at bars/venues across the North West. See our GIGS page or follow us on Instagram and Facebook for our latest news and announcements

Do Late Last Night comply with GDPR? 
Yes, our privacy policy is linked at the bottom of each website page.

Any questions? Please contact us using the CONTACT page or email latelastnightmusic@gmail.com